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Priorat zu Gast im Rheingau - Collegium Vini v.l. die Kapitänin Bianka Rössler

Re: Wines of Priorat as guest in Rheingau

Maria Mora von hat sich für unsere Aktion Priorat zu Gast im Rheingau und den Artikel auf unserer Website mit sehr netten Worten bedankt.

Dear Klaus,

Thanks for the article and thanks for speaking so good about our wines! We are really happy that you enjoyed them and you had a really good mates!

Thanks for your collaboration, for us it’s really important to keep this initiative working because our cellars need to sell wine…with COVID everything is really difficult for them.

Thanks for your article. As I speak a bit of German, I can understand it. Thanks for everything you are doing for us.

I hope we can talk again or that we can meet in Priorat when all this pandemia finish.

Viele Grüße,


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